Every summer during our school vacations , on a lazy afternoon I used to lay infront of the water cooler chewing my favourite ALPHONSO and holding my favourite past time of summers, my limited edition ‘TINKLE’.

In the same way many children who aren’t able to play on those heated playgrounds with their friends ,spend their time with their favourite comic collection and bring themselves out of their daily stubborn and boring routine and teleport themselves into their fantasy world. A world full of adventure , excitement and even unicorns.

Haha. Jokes aside,

I am here to share with you , the top 10 comics that every 90’s kid may have read a hundred times but would still get goosebumps on the body and smile on the face when they get to  see them :-


  1. Chacha ChaudharyPublished way back in 1971, Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu and Pinky have been our chuddy buddies ever since we learnt to read. The computer se bhi tez Chacha amazed us with his quick wit and intelligence. Walking with the red turban and the wooden stick, the ever-so-polite Chacha Chaudhary has been both a great companion and inspiration for us.
  2. Death and return of superman

The Death of Superman by Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding is one of the most well-received and best-selling Superman stories of all time. The Return of Superman… not so much. After decades and decades of Superman stories, his books weren’t selling well, and he was generally losing relevance, so DC’s solution was to kill the unkillable man.

If you’re a comic book fan, this is absolutely essential reading. Even if you’re not a fan of Superman, it could be one of the most important stories in comic book history because superheroes didn’t really die until in comics until then. Since then, every superhero under the sun has died and been resurrected, but when Superman died, no one thought he would ever come back. As Max Landis put it, The Death of Superman killed death in comics forever.

  1. Archie comicsDespite being US-based, Archie Comics were just as adored in our country as in America. The young Archie was no less than a superhero for us. We especially loved watching his shenanigans with Betty and Veronica.
  2. Panchatantra tales

Panchatantra was a series of interesting short stories which ended with a moral. Learning lessons was never this fun. From Brahmin And The Goat to Jackal And The War Drum, each story made us a little bit wiser.

5.   Super commando Dhruv

Growing up in the circus, Dhruva was trained to be capable in a number of physical talents.  When he lost his parents to an evil conspiracy, he vowed to uncover it.  Adopted by a police superintendent, Dhruva grew to be a polymath and a considerable physical and mental powerhouse, dedicating him to eliminating crime wherever he finds it. Dhruva being one of the favourite indian sperheroes has always bbeen an inspiration for children during 90’s.

  1. ChampakRemember eagerly waiting for our monthly subscription of Champak? Apart from all the stories, we would try to spot as many differences as possible in the two pictures in Spot The Difference. The interesting facts column was another personal favourite.
  2. The Spectre

The Spectre, as a character, has been around since the 1940s, but when writer John Ostrander and artist Tom Mandrake took over a new Spectre series, they re-examined the character and created something distinctly new. Ostrander’s series also revealed that the Spectre was a fallen angel who fought in Lucifer’s rebellion. When he repented, his penance was to serve as the embodied the wrath of God.


The Spectre is the embodied Avenging Spirit of the Murdered Dead, and while that sounds like a pretty straightforward series, Ostrander’s take never took the easy path of giving the Spectre the straightforward choice. He was constantly put into complex ethical dilemmas where he had to make morally ambiguous choices like what punishment was suitable for a woman who killed her abusive husband in his sleep.

  1. Nagraj

This ageless venomous superhero gave quite a number of thrills to us as kids.  Those blue eyes, dark hair and the well-built green body was too awesome to ignore.

  1. Infinity Gondlet/Infinity war

We don’t have to tell you how influential and important of a story Marvel’s Infinity War is. The Marvel Cinematic Universe adaptation is currently tracking to be the biggest superhero film of all time and the grand finale of a decade-spanning series of films.

Although these days, it seems like Marvel tries to do a massive universe-altering event a few times a year, before Jim Starlin’s Infinity Saga (including Infinity Gauntlet, Infinity War, and Infinity Crusade), a cataclysmic event of this magnitude and scale had never really been attempted before. Some would argue that the stakes and success have never been replicated since. As you already know, the story involved Thanos the mad Titan gathering together the Infinity Stones to wreak havoc on the Marvel universe. With the movie only days away, we won’t spoil anything for you, but if you haven’t read it yet, now is definitely the time.

  1. Tinkle
    Remember Supandi, Shikari Shambu, Kalia The Crow and Pyarelal? Tinkle Comics were no less than a treasure for kids with quizzes, stories and puzzles galore. Supandi and his friends were a classic and are still a top favourite!



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