10 Disaster fashion habits of bollywood celebs

In a fashion girl’s world and it’s normal to call out, even strangers, for committing fashion crimes. Everyone has bad fashion habits that need to be dropped faster than an ugly hat. Like I said, it’s normal. That being said, a fashion crime is a crime all the same and if you’re being judged you probably deserve it. Do you think you have it bad? Imaging what Bollywood celebs go through.

If you thought movie stars and socialites are any better off at avoiding fashion faux pas, you’re highly mistaken. Sure, unlike us, celebrities have stylists and PAs to make sure everything is in its place and proper, however, they falter in their fashion choices time and again. Even fashionably conscious Bollywood stars do. Scroll through our list of the worst fashion habits to have and 10 Bollywood celebs who definitely do NOT lead by example:

  1. Wearing leggings as pants ‘coz camel-toe is not cute

Janhvi Kapoor is winning hearts across the country and we love her… most of the time. Her spandex phase has us concerned, though. Ladies, camel-toe is real and there’s nothing cute about it. Let’s hope we never see this faux pas again.

  1. Posing in a blatant high-fashion label knockoff

Shraddha Kapoor might not have known it, but she’s posing in a fake Dior dress, right here. But she’s not the only one! This is one fashion habit celebrities across Bollywood need to drop, stat. Celeb stylists need to do the background check in such scenarios.

  1. Rocking awkward high-low peplum drapes with utmost confidence

You see what we’re talking about, right? For starters, peplums have been over for years now. So, stiff awkward high-low (another dead trend) drapes are just an overkill.

  1. Wearing ripped bootcut jeans (with sneakers, that too)

These jeans should not exist. We don’t know what is so wrong about these, but sometimes, a fashion girl just knows. Sonal Chauhan, you need to adopt better fashion habits when it comes to denim, okay?

  1. Animal Prints

With Swara Bhasker knocking it out of the park with her fashion choices lately, we were like ‘you’re doing amazinggg, sweetie!’ However, this hot mess of a moment at #SonamKiShaadi just made us sad more than anything. Sorry, Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla, this outfit just doesn’t cut it.

  1. Going from ‘0 to a 100 real quick’

Experimenting and leaving your comfort zone to make a fashion change is great and we encourage it. Kajal Aggarwal, however, overreached. This Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla saree is more of a costume than an outfit. Do not overreach, girls, it’s bad for your style rep.

7. Wearing gladiators with… actually, wearing gladiators, period.


If we could go back and undo this Herculean disaster (get it?) we would. Baaghi 2starlet, Disha Patani, decided to go for these mid-calf gladiators, which are even worse than regular knee-length ones, to wear with a pretty white dress. Thanks to the shoes, the look was a total faux pas.

8. Pairing casual open-toed flats with a fancy AF suit


I don’t know who egged B-town actress, Athiya Shetty, on but whoever it was… surely, you realise how incredibly odd those open-toed flats look with an otherwise fancy floral pantsuit? Better luck next time, Athiya.

9. Leaving your top button open only to have your inner peeking out


We are self-admitted ‘bathleisure’ lovers but everything good requires effort! This is a direct message to Katrina Kaif, who not only styled her expensive PJ top very poorly but also wore a black tank top or spaghetti top inside, which we could see. And we didn’t realise this was a faux pas up until now. Never do it again, Miss Kaif, please.

10. Picking tacky metallic fabrics for someone who’s snapped A LOT


Sonam is besties with her but looks like she hasn’t rubbed off on Jacqueline just yet. We feel like the Bollywood actress could have chosen more flattering metallics for this photo-op. We didn’t expect this bad a fashion faux pas from you, Miss Fernandez.



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