11 Things That Happen When You Are Already Late For Work



In all the 28 years of my existence, I have finally come to realise something; I am not a morning person at all. Every morning I get up groggy and think- is going to work actually worth sacrificing the blissful sleep? And by the time I come out of my procrastinating zone, voila, I am late for work. Everything happens in a speeding motion and I rush out.

However, is it just with me, or is it the gospel truth that when you are late for work, the whole universe conspires to make you even more late.

Did you ever find screaming to yourself: Why had this to happen nowwwwwwwwww?? You got it right. I am talking about days when we run late for an important task and all things that add to the delay happen one after the other. You are left annoyed, restless, fatigued and crazy. This happens to all of us. Not once a while, but many a times. The fact that life today has become busy and “fast” re-affirms itself in our minds when we come across such situations

  1. Alarm Switched Off In Sleep

It’s surprisingly unfortunate that the day you have an important meeting or appointment, you wake up late. You scratch your head thinking why you didn’t wake up on time just to realize that you switched off your alarm in sleep, and hence lost track of time.


  1. No Clean Or Ironed Dress To Wear

Choice of clothes is important when it comes to an important meeting, interview or similar other appointment. While you are ready with what clothes to wear on other days, the day you get late is when you find that the dress you wanted to wear is not clean. You forgot to put it in the washing machine and sometimes if the dress is clean, you realize that you cannot wear it unless it’s really ironed properly.

  1. Unable To Locate Important Documents

It’s so disturbing when you have an interview next day and  go to sleep assuring yourself that you will wake up early the next day to pack your interview file. You wake late and the mail stating in details the documents you need to carry along for the interview keeps flashing in front of your eyes. You are unable to locate the important documents and at the same time realize that time is running out and you need to reach the interview venue on time.?

  1. No Eggs Or Milk In Your Fridge

There are days when you are short of time and really don’t have the time to cook breakfast. You rush to the fridge to find some ingredients that make a quick breakfast. Sadly, today is the day when you fridge looks really empty with no milk and no eggs as you used them up in your curry last night.


  1. Routine Check Of Your Smoke Detector

Regular checks of smoke detectors are usually done in apartments to ensure safety of the residents. However, its surprising that coincidentally the check happens on the days when you are late and desperate to leave home at the earliest. You open the door to rush out and find people standing out with smoke detector check equipments in their hands.


6. Your auto-person/cab-driver gets into a brawl with another traveller, for something as petty as staring

7. Local Trains/Metros start stopping in the fields along with stations. Also, they are late by a good 20 minutes

8. There are chances of you breaking your chappal or sandals

9. Courtesy your frequent late-comings, no one believes at work that you are late because of genuine reasons

10. Your boss gives you a look equivalent to that being a serial killer

11. After all the aforesaid, you wake up the next day, and you are late again. The cycle repeats



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