12 things that woman do that turn men off ….

Women are really complex creatures, and understanding whats going in their mind has always been a cumbersome job for men.There are many things that women do having an intention just to drive their attention towards them, but knowingly or unknowingly it happens to make their boyfriends sad :-

12 things that women do that turn men off.

1. Comparing their present boyfriend with their Ex.This is a great turnoff for men, because for a man he always wants himself to be perfect in the eyes of his lady, and when he sees someone else in that position thats a huge turnoff for them, Trust me.

2. Sharing their past intimate experiences, in between their cozy moments with their partners.Intimacy is a very important factor in a healthy relationship , which is not only for physical needs but brings the soul of the two person together and brings them even closer. But to spoil that moment what can be more awesome than those past intimate experiences with someone else. 

3. When they overly react and feel jealous about nothing.Whether it be a small arguement or a small talk with another girl, overreacting and not believing their partner just for no reason does turn them off.

4.When they judge their partners based on their past experiences.Statements like “All men are pigs” are really famous among girls.Judging and assuming all the men same just because of her past is really unfair and is a big turnoff for men. 

5. They praise the guys who once screwed them, and ill treat the guys who are right and who always stood there for her.


6. When they blame their partners for everything thats happening wrong with them.

7. When they share their feelings that is totally opposite to what they are actually feeling , and they expect their partners to read their minds.Communication is really important, if something is wrong talk about it clearly.

8. Using their periods as an excuse if anything wrong happens by their side.

9. They can do anyting to make you feel jealous so that you give more and more attention to them, even when your ife is fucked.

10. Being so particular about the dates,days,moments and even conversations in their relationships, and if somehow not remembered by their partners then the consequences can be really scary.

11. Being indecissive about their words , choices and decisions.

12. Bringing their feminism into even smallest or stupidest of arguements. 



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