13 Undeniable Signs That Show Your Love For Quality Cinema

13 Undeniable Signs That Show Your Love For Quality Cinema 

Movies have been made for many years, and for many years they have been a great form of entertainment for us. But why do we love watching movies? Yes, because they are entertaining, but why do we continuously watch different movies, without becoming sick of it. There is more to why we love watching movies than just entertainment and a way to pass time.

Movies allow us to feel different emotions; thrill, happiness, sadness, intensity, comfort, shock, nervous all these roller-coaster of emotions is one reason why we love watching movies. They make us connect with fictional characters we’ve never met before, allow us to empathise with them while we watch them struggle, bounce back and then save the day! Movies are also a good way to change your current emotional state, if you feel down just put on a happy and cheerful animated movie to lighten your mood, or if you need a laugh just throw on an amusing comedy movie, films always manage to cheer us up and that’s another reason why we love them. If the names Martin Scorcese, Stanley Kubrick, Majid Majidi, Jafar Panahi and Francis Ford Coppola make any sense to you, then give yourself a self-five. You are in the elite group of people who have no love for commercial movie (you still cringe at the thought of Happy New Year but that is not the point). Your taste for movies is good, but people often label you as “posh” or “sassy” because they don’t understand or appreciate your taste.

  • You find dance numbers, item songs and all flashy stuff unnecessary in a movie
  • You have an enormous collection of offbeat movies that you’re quite proud of
  • And you eagerly watch all film award functions to watch out for not so commercial movies
  • People misinterpret your love for quality cinema as ‘love for serious films’
  • You don’t shy away from watching documentaries – you actually find them good
  • Language doesn’t stop you from enjoying foreign movies with subtitles
  • You find it difficult to decide on which movie to watch when going out with friends
  • Because of your weird taste in movies, people around you prefer not to watch movies with you
  • You prefer not to watch commercial movies
  • You don’t watch movies for the cast but for the director
  • Needless to say you have that one particular director whose movies you idol worship
  • You dislike watching movies for the first day first show…
  • As a matter of fact you always read reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, IMDb etc to know how the movie is

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