15 drug addicted celebrities in Bollywood




“From Cocaine to Heroine , If there was a drug, I’ve done it”, says the Munna bhai of Bollywood himself. Many actors and actresses as well has been allegedly reported for doing alcoholic and drug abuse , while many of them lost their stardom after surrendering themselves to these habits at the peak of their careers, and some of them also lost there lives due to excessive intoxication of alcohol and drugs.


Here I am to represent before you the top 15 drug addicted celebrities of Bollywood that must get their health checkups done properly :-


Manisha Koirala: Another name that can be pretty shocking. A few years back, Manisha Koirala was diagnosed with cancer and she had her treatments abroad. It was at that time that her recovery news was a real concern and all sorts of hopes and prayers from her fans were right there with her. But do you know that she was also a drug addict? Not only that she was also quite addicted to alcohol as well. Manisha talked about love for life, and accept her past lifestyle mistakes she made.


Sussane Khan: While Sussane Khan is quite a popular name with the news channel because of her divorce and her alleged affair with Arjun Rampal, you will be shocked to know that she is also a popular name for her addiction habits. Coming from a much-respected family and her ex-beau being a top actor, she is an interior designer by profession. However, if claims are to be believed, it is also said that the reason for her separation with Hrithik was also because of drugs. Hence, except Indiatimes, no other trusted media source published any news with drug allegation on Sussane. Since we don’t know the main reason behind her divorce, let’s skip this part here. Whatever may be the case, it is for certain that this nasty habit can ruin any relationship. Also, we cannot ignore the talks of her alleged affair as well. So, let’s the truth reveal on its own and till then, we are left with no other option than to just wait and watch.

Geetanjali Nagpal: When we talk about Bollywood and struggles, there are quite a number of rags to riches stories. But in the case of this actress, it is a bit different. Her story is rather just the opposite- from being a rich actress to becoming poor and the reason for this is her addiction habit. A few days back, a photo popped up on the internet where the actress is being seen in a very bad condition. Literally, she now has no place to be called as a house and often she is seen spending nights in various temples and also in the park. Well, considering her look, we bet no one will recognize that Geetanjali, who has even shared the ramp with Sushmita Sen. Well, in order to support her addiction habits, she has to come to the streets for shelter. Her drug addiction has not only made her a beggar but also made her homeless as well along with no scope of any further work.

Ranbir Kapoor

In an interview with Indian Today, Ranbir Kapoor admitted to having done his fair share of pot (marijuana) during his days at the film school. He said he later tried it during Rockstar as an acting tool to focus better.

Vijay Razz

The kauwwa biryani actor, who is known for his superb acting skills in Bollywood, was arrested by UAE police for possessing 25 grams of marijuana in the year 2005. He was shooting for Deewane Huye Paagal in Dubai. The actor is best known for his comic roles in Run, Dhamaal, and Delhi Belly.


Fardeen Khan

The long forgotten Bollywood actor, who worked in some hit movies, was once a drug addict. In October 2001, charges were framed against him for attempting to buy cocaine. Later, he had put an application under section 64 (A) or Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act which was accepted by the court. After that Fardeen underwent a detoxification course in same year. In 2012, the actor Fardeen Khan was granted bail with immunity in the drug case. The actor was last seen on screen ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’in 2010.


Parveen Babi


The yesteryear’s most glamorous actress had a very tragic life. Post her breakup with director Mahesh Bhatt, Parveen Babi was reportedly addicted to LSD. Her addiction to alcohol and drugs not only ruined her carer but took her life as well. She was found dead in a worst condition in her apartment.


Yo Yo Honey Singh


The rapper-cum-star singer, with in-numerous hits to his name, got addicted to alcohol and drugs when he was on the peak of his career. Yo Yo Honey Singh was in rehabilitation centre sometime back. He was missing in action and was out of the media eye too. His journey and struggle from drug abuse stands a testimony to human courage and determination.


Aftab Shivdasani

A night club in Pune alleged that they caught the actor doing drugs in the club. Aftab has since refuted the claim but the night club management said that the actor threatened the club of “pulling political strings” to shut it down.


Mamta Kulkarni

The glamorous actress of the ’90s has had quite the journey these past years. She was caught in a drug racket in Kenya with her druglord husband Vicky Goswami.


Apurva & Shilpa Agnihotri

The popular TV couple was arrested by Mumbai police in a rave party that featured other guests as well. Apurva and Shilpa were reportedly caught doing drugs on the scene.


Angad Bedi

The son of former Indian cricketer, Bishan Singh Bedi, was caught by Mumbai police in the same rave party. Even though Angad was far from the headlines when the story broke, police officials have stated that he was one of the celebrities doing drugs in the party


Gauri Khan:

The better half of the king of Bollywood, you must be really surprised seeing her name on the list. Gauri Khan runs a production house and has produced quite a number of films along with Shahrukh Khan. While Gauri Khan is popular for all the right reasons, she has got this tag ‘drug addict’ to her name. This is because of her arrest at Berlin Airport. While there are quite a number of leaked pictures where Gauri Khan is seen smoking Marijuana, her arrest, for the same, has very firmly confirmed this fact. She can be very well called as the Bollywood stoner. There are many such pictures of Gauri during a party where she can be seen in addiction mode. Hence, Gauri Khan has refused her involvement in such activities. So this news cannot be confirmed from any source. In Quora,  fans are declaring this news is media rumor only.


Rahul Mahajan

Not exactly a Bollywood star, but hit the popularity chart for his essay in Bigg Boss Season 2, Rahul Mahajan, son of   former union cabinet minister Pramod Mahajan, hit headlines for his excessive drug abuse. Once, he underwent emergency medical help for cocaine overdose. In 2010, Mahajan married Dimpy Ganguly at the end of ‘Rahul Ka Swayamwar’, a TV reality show which staged a swayamwar for him. However, Rahul and Dimpy have now split.

Sanjay Dutt


During his age, i.e. way back in 1982 Sanjay Dutt was arrested in a drug case wherein he was sentenced to 5-month jail. Sanjay Dutt, son of former Hindi Cinema star and politician Sunil Dutt, drug addiction apparently took him to a rehabilitation center in US. He was later on also involved in illegal possession of weapons during 1993 serial blast in Mumbai. He was finally out of jail on 25th February 2016. He stated that he is not a terrorist and wants to leave behind the bitter memories of being convicted in connection with the 1993 serial blasts case.





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