15 Reasons Why Lazy People Are Actually Really Really Smart


“I’ll choose a lazy person to hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it !!” – Bill Gates

Laziness is something that every person has to a bigger or lesser extent. Some people have it to a much, much bigger extent, though. We are used to considering it as a bad thing. However, what if it is not? What if laziness actually helps to become more successful? I bet many of you would like this approach. Actually, many lazy people achieve huge success. History gives us many vivid examples. For instance, Charles Darwin was incredibly lazy. His teachers and parents suffered a lot making him learnt grammar and math at school; often he fell asleep right at the middle of the lesson. He preferred fishing and shooting crows to doing sports and when he was a college student, he spent most of the time in pubs. Even when he got into science, he didn’t rush things and spent years writing his work.

Another example is sir Winston Churchill. At school he showed the worst result in class and didn’t even go to college. He was absolutely indifferent to sport and his favourite activity was sitting on a rocking chair. Afterwards he became a great politician.

If you’re as lazy as I am, you’re probably used to being berated with insults focused on your innate ability to remain an 11 out of 10 on the laziness scale pretty much all of the time. Don’t beat yourself up over it though, because real life scientific fact (published in The Journal Of Health Psychology, no less!) has just found that being lazy is a sign of high intelligence, so there!

What did they find? They found that, err, ‘less intelligent people’ need to do more to keep their minds active while people who clocked in higher IQs needed to do less to stimulate their brains. So, in honour of realising us lazy folk are actually crazy-smart, we’ve whipped up 15 reasons why being lazy is actually really f**king awesome. 

1.  Why would you waste time washing dishes when EVERYTHING IS A BOWL?

2.    You know how to use technology to cut down on work

3.    They are likely to remember all the shortcuts by heart

4.    Multitasking is something they are really good at

5.    They are extremely good at reviving with their quick power naps

6.     Power naps = Best tonic ever 

7.    Their laziness ends up saving a lot of time and energy for them

8.    You are clear and persistent when giving direction.

9.                           You can’t lose anything if everything is always in front of you.

10.                    You’re already a master at deception.

11.                    Laziness helps you skip meals and lose weight.

12. By being lazy, we force people to focus on our other redeeming qualities, like the fact we’re really smart. 

13. We have a lot more time to think, and thus come up with life changing solutions. 50 bucks says Einstein was lazy AF. 

14. Laziness means we’re super innovative and make ingenious decisions.

15.  We’re always ready to impress because your hopes for us are so, so low.





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