15 things girls do when they are in love and it’s creep.

When you’re in a serious relationship, you tend to get pretty close and personal with your partner. From inside your cozy little relationship bubble, all the things you do with each other probably feel normal and cute. But if you guys were just regular people, not dating each other, all these very mundane couple behaviors would be creepy AF. Girls do some absolutely crazy stuff when they have a particular interest in a guy. A crush is never just a “crush.” It involves skill, strategy, and the ever important stalking. Girls, if you’re reading this just laugh and nod along. Guys, if you’re reading this…just maybe stop while you’re ahead. A crush can inspire you, but at the same time make you the most awkward person ever, especially when you don’t even plan to confess. You just want to admire him from afar, is that wrong? Nope! Believe us, this is totally normal…and these awkward things you do, too, out of that silly, little crush 

  1. Stare at him.

You seat at the back in class or in a coffee shop just so he won’t see you staring at him with hearts popping in your eyes. But then, he looks back. Of course you’ll look away and pretend you’re actually looking around. This is so classic (and true!).

  1. Stalk him for hours.

You search for his Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram accounts. But don’t have the guts to follow (or add) him because you don’t want him to know you’re into him, so you just stalk. Until you unconsciously like something he posted three months ago. Oops!

  1. Look for something common between the two of you.

One of the reasons you stalked your crush is to look for something in common, so you can convince yourself and your friends that you’re meant for each other. And it sometimes goes like this, “He has a baby sister? I love kids! Oh wait, guys, he plays video games. I play video games, too! (FarmVille and Pet Society, to be exact!)” LOL!

  1. Make a code name with your friends.

Of course, you want to tell your friends you saw him at the cafeteria without anyone finding out who you’re talking about. So you make a code name, “Guys, I saw Mr. Tomato at the cafeteria!”

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  1. Play scenarios in your head that probably would never happen.

Daydreaming about your crush anywhere feels so great because everything just seems so perfect in your imagination. Even though you haven’t talk to him in real life. Or he just doesn’t really know you exist. Well, who cares? At least you had a conversation with him in your head, and he’s so sweet there!


  1. Saying things like, “OMG, your face is SO CUTE, I could eat it!” Creepy when Hannibal says it, cute when you say it.
  2. Picking random pieces of lint or stray eyelashes off your boyfriend in public. They say monkeys groom each other to show affection, so why can’t people do this also?
  3. Pointing out when he has a booger in his nose and then helping him make sure he got it out. What’s the saying about “you can pick your friends, you can pick your nose…”?
  4. Calling him, like, 12 times in a row because you know he’s not ignoring you; he just has a tendency to take hourlong showers.Having a million missed calls from anyone other than your partner would make you think there’s a national crisis happening. But from him, it feels attentive and sorta sweet. Just as long as there aren’t any voicemails.
  5. Reaching over to his plate and eating whatever he ordered, because he always gets the thing you secretly want.You definitely shouldn’t eat off other people’s plates, unless that other person is someone you regularly make out with. Then it’s fine.



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