15 Things People Who Are Perpetually Sleepy Will Understand



“Why fall in love, if you can fall asleep !!”

Human sleep needs vary by age and amongst individuals, and sleep is considered to be adequate when there is no daytime sleepiness or dysfunction. Moreover, self-reported sleep duration is only moderately correlated with actual sleep time as measured by actigraphy, and those affected with sleep state misperception may typically report having slept only four hours despite having slept a full eight hours.

Researchers have found that sleeping 6–7 hours each night correlates with longevity and cardiac health in humans, though many underlying factors may be involved in the causality behind this relationship.

Children need many hours of sleep per day in order to develop and function properly: up to 18 hours for newborn babies, with a declining rate as a child ages.Early in 2015, after a two-year study. You think you are perfectly healthy because you always want to sleep for 10 hours in a day and nap during the day. This is not the healthy habit, the fact is you are very lazy and tired. You just want the endless sleeping and relaxing moments. If you are like this, then you must be familiar with the things only perpetually tired people will understand. Because you actually remain tired all the time!

There are many struggles and difficult things only perpetually tired people will understand. So if you are one, then must read the below mentioned stuff. This will definitely relate to your tired and lazy life. Go ahead!

  1. Because being tired isn’t just a physical feeling for you. It’s a way of life.


  1. Your bed is probably the most important thing you own.


  1. You often find yourself procrastinating because you just become too tired to finish your tasks without a quick nap.


  1. And you consider it a late night if you manage to stay out past 11:30.


  1. It’s inevitable that after a bit of drinking you’ll end up needing to excuse yourself to go catch some Z’s.


6.    Any exercise makes you immediately want to climb right in bed afterward.



  1. Though you do often struggle to decide between getting brunch and staying in bed.


  1. The weekends have become a sacred time for you.


  1. You always wonder if it’s worth it to take a nap when you get home from work since you’re just going to fall asleep for the night in a few hours anyway.


  1. And your alarm clock is basically the devil.


  1. It doesn’t matter where you are, you will fall sleep anywhere.


  1. You are always tired whether you sleep for 10 hours or 15.


  1. No matter how noisy your surrounding is, all you want is to sleep.


  1. Coffee/tea is what you want every time being a tired person.



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