18 Things That Happen When You Attend A Relative’s Wedding After A Long Time 



“Weddings are more important because they celebrate life and possibility.”


Weddings in a family is one of the most amazing and amusing part of a family as it serves as a way for a reunion of the family and works out for strengthening the family bonding. Winter weddings are the best. The nippy air, happy, dressy people, and all the cheer. There’s nothing like it. Most of you are probably invited to at least a couple of them lately, and you’re most likely to go to a close relative’s wedding. Since it’s family, there’s going to be a few typical things that’ll happen in the process.But attending a wedding in a family can give you a bit nostalgia if you are attending after a fairly long time.

Here are some few things that youll experience if you are hitting a wedding party In your family after a long break :-

  1. You will ask to take a picture with all the family members you meet even if you don’t like them because you just want to have as many memories as you can at home.


  1. You will follow all the clichés in the world by posting a lot of pictures of home and using all the sappy hashtags and captions like ‘there’s no place like home’ and ‘home is where the heart is.’


  1. Everyone will ask you when you’re planning on getting married if you’re in a relationship and if you need help selecting a venue because they have to throw you the biggest wedding ceremony.


  1. Everyone will ask you if they can find you a husband or a wife if you’re single


  1. You start seeing home with new appreciative eyes. The things you took for granted now mean so much more to you and you start seeing the immense value in the little things.


  1. People look at you like you’re a foreigner and will point out something ‘foreign’ about you like your accent, or the way you dress or the words you use.


  1. Meeting your cousins-especially the ones your age- is awesome


  1. Amidst all the chaos and craze of the wedding preparations, you make it a point to spend some time with the bride/groom


  1. And thus starts the meeting and catching up with aunties and uncles and everyone else you don’t even know


  1. The entire duration of the wedding, starting from the smallest to the day of the wedding, passes in a jiffy


  1. The infectious energy all around you gets to you, and it’s a wonderful feeling


  1. Little rituals become the most fun part of the ceremonies


  1. Dressing up extravagantly days in a row becomes a huge but crazy fun task


  1. Not to mention all the (attractive) people you get to meet during the events


  1. But more importantly, it’s the abundance of food everywhere that you will never forget


  1. The moment when you see the bride looking absolutely stunning, your heart melts


  1. And when you witness the moment of the bride leaving the house, you’re just as heavy hearted


  1. Finally, the entire experience re-instills your idea of how much fun weddings really are




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