2 Years of my Life

There I was, alone in my room doing nothing but just staring at the walls of the room. I had recently taken my exams and I did not experience any huge success with it; thoughts of failure flooded my mind, my confidence wavered to a whole new low. Nothing but with dismay, I just sat there with little glimpses of the past 3-4 months playing as flashbacks in my mind.

Engineering is a big deal in India. Millions of aspirants can be seen preparing for engineering in this country with only one motive and that is to excel their exams and get admitted into the best colleges in the country. When I got into Class 11th, I was prepared to do the same thing. While many students are under pressure to get into engineering must against their own wishes, I was happy to do it. I had full interest in it and somewhere with full unflinching support of my parents, my friends and my teachers who were more ready than me to turn my raw potential into my talent, I was ready to face the whole new challenge that was ahead of me. I was surely nervous but a sense of excitement ran through me hoping of a bright future that I could foresee. The plan for the next two years ushered in hope, optimism and excitement.

The preparation began but so did the pressure. Observing the healthy competition among my own peers fighting for academic excellence, I somewhere noticed a growth of apprehension inside me. I was not accustomed to anything less than success but slowly I started doubting my caliber. As High School passed by, tension outgrew my confidence and I started having difficulties in retaining my hopes.

That’s where my friends and family became my pillars of strength. They exhibited a belief in me which even I had lost. The stress of preparation and a significantly good result made me evade any healthy interaction. I became withdrawn and isolated. Just to ignore the judgmental eyes of my own friends and peers I started avoiding them, trying to avoid the embarrassment. But they understood my anxiety and empathized with me. Oblivious that they were going through the same phase, they helped me with my problematic situation. My friends’ and my parents’ belief in me helped me cope with my problems and difficulties.

I worked hard and overcame those challenges, focused more on my goals and with resilience and dedication to achieve them, I finally encountered success. With optimism, confidence and flawless planning and strategizing, I could pave way for myself to transcend the challenging and stressful moments, which soon turned into moments of victory. I got excellent Grades in my year 12 board examinations and got appraisal from teachers, my schoolmates and most importantly my parents. Now, here I am ready to face what comes ahead of in my life and expand my horizon to new possibilities.

The past two years have been the most challenging as well as the most rewarding. They have taught me enough to carry it till later. I have learnt that achievement does not require extraordinary ability. It comes from ordinary abilities applied with extraordinary persistence. I also learnt that if hard work is my weapon, success will always be my slave.


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