5 affordable and effective lip balms


Everyone wants to look perfect. What’s that one thing on your face that people actually notice but never talk about it much? It’s your lips!! Yes people do notice them but not necessarily say anything as it might get a little awkward. If you want that perfect look you want to stay away from those chapped, cracked and dark lips. Lips cannot take care of themselves you obviously need to take care of them.

Here we will see FIVE affordable lip balms that you can use no matter what weather is:

1. Maybelline baby lips

Rs 149 for 4g (on amazon)

·        It is hydrating lip balm to keep your lips soft.

·        It is infused with SPF 16.

·        Ideal for both men and women.

·        It has 5 shades: Coral flush, Rose addict, Lolita, Berry crush, Cherry kiss.

·        It also has spiced up version with variants Berry sherbet, Spicy cinnamon and tropical Punch.

·        Easy to carry.


2. Himalaya herbals lip balm

Rs 30 for 10g

·        Super affordable.

·        Very easy to carry.

·        Ideal for both men and women.

·        3 in 1 characteristics: Nourishes lips, Prevent drying and chapping.

·        Little amount goes long way.

·        Uses wheat germ oil and carrot oil.



3. Lotus herbals lip therapy

Rs 165 for 4g

·        3 in 1 formula: Rehydrates, Heals and Protects.

·        Imbibed with SPF 15.

·        Available in 6 variants: Vanilla, Cherry, Chocolate, Fresh mint, Velvety rose, Cocoa.

·        Contains Shea butter.

·        Contains kokum butter.

·        Enriched with Vitamin E.

·        Leaves lips smooth, supple and soft

4. VLCC lovable lips lip balm

Rs 125 for 4.5g 

·         Moisturizes lips and also softens them.

·        Reduces fine lines over regular use.

·        Not at all sticky.

·        Contains SPF 15.

·        Incorporates Shea butter.

·        Contains almond oil and Vitamin E.

·        4 Variants: Orange, Mango, Cherry, Honey.

·        Non-tinted variant: Almond. (Can be used by men as well)

5. Biotique Bio Aloe vera lip balm

Rs 149 for 5g 

·         Prevents Chapped and sunburned lips.

·        Incorporates all natural ingredients: Mulethi, Badam, Surajmukhi, Til, Erandi, Madhu, Vach, Kusumbhi.

·        Contains SPF 30 UVA/UVB protection.

·        Stays long.

·        Available in tub form as well.

All of these lip balms are affordable and easy to carry around. Moreover they are effective. With best of qualities in each one of them makes them unique and stand out individually.



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