5 Best Things To Do In Delhi!


1)            Taking a night walk on the roads of India Gate

India Gate is one of the major monuments in the history of India. It stands for the country’s pride, patriotism, martyrdom and respect. It glows a beautiful golden yellow at night bringing alive the brightness in the lives of all the people who visit it. One can find a good crowd during the summer months taking a good nice stroll at night. The cool breeze and the fine moments of the monument bring about a feeling of calm in the hustle-bustle of the city life. India gate at night is a treat to behold and gives a beautiful memory to cherish.

2)            Enjoying a day at Connaught Place

Connaught Place is situated at the heart of the city which beholds a good amount of fun and frolic in every nook and corner. Starting from high end cafes to resting corners of the street food, one can go around trying various new flavours. It is easy to find junk jewellery and low priced books at the same time giving you more to discover and look forward to. Taking a walk through the inner circle and the outer circle, various shops and outlets bring about a liveliness in the place.

3)            Fun and bling in Old Delhi

Old Delhi is a colourful place full of shops which sell costumes, handmade things, groceries and clothes. If you want clothes for your wedding at an economical price then my friend, this is the exact place that you should be in. Getting costumes for a play or a dance for your kid is equally easy here which you can buy as well as borrow for a while. Getting pretty cards printed for your events is another lavish affair that you can make yourself go through. It not only gives you the idea of the place but gives you the fun of it all too.

4)            Pubs and Clubs

Delhi’s pubs and clubs will transport you to another world altogether. Clubbing, dancing and drinking are an essential part of the fun of today’s generation. And Delhi offers the perfect place and time to enjoy it in the best way possible. Though you have to be 25 to enjoy an alcoholic beverage but you can always go for the non-alcoholic ones. You can interact with various people in these places and broaden the horizon of your social skills. It brings about a carefree attitude in your life and makes you feel confident and adventurous.

5)            Shopping on a light pocket in Sarojini Nagar Market

If you have come to Delhi and not been to Sarojini Nagar Market, then you have missed out on the biggest chunk of fun. You can really get the latest fashion and trends at unimaginably cheap prices here. The market is filled with clothes and every other accessory that you can ever imagine. There won’t be a single piece of clothing that you won’t find here. Shoes, clothes, soft toys and daily necessities, you will get them all and for prices as low as Rs.100.


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