5 lies Bollywood tells us

Bollywood movies might have a load of crap. Some movies are educational, motivational and moving. Some movies have too much drama to handle. Besides all This, we fall for some of the biggest lies Bollywood movies put forth. Such as :

  1. Romance in slow -mo

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Whenever someone is meant to fall in love ,it happens in slow motion with background music. In real life ,if you crash into someone and drop your books you’ll probably be left alone to pick them up. There is no background music nor will the guy take you in his arms and pull you to your feet slowly while he gazes into your eyes like he wishes he had met you before. 

Same goes for girls.

2. Playboys are fancy

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Obviously not. I mean in Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl he got the girl even though he’s been with so many only to con them for their money. In real life , that guy would have to repay a woman every penny he stole from all the women.

Girl power ! Right ?


3. The awesome school and college life

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Hostels are beautiful.

No classes

Only activities


Late night partying




Lots of dancing in the rain


Nobody tells you that hostel life sucks ,the fee is too much to afford and worst of all you got to attend classes!!

#backlog alert !


4. Running away from home Bollywood says :

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Unhappy? Runaway

In love ? Runaway

Nothing to do? Runaway

Sometimes they took it far enough that the person running away landed in a different country, married a perfect stranger and did not die at the hands of the same stranger.

Real life…you’ll be leaving behind lots of tears. Plus don’t steal from parents only to run away and come back. Seriously.

5. There is always a villain

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If there isn’t one , we make one. We are so accustomed to villains making appearances only then a story can be perfect that even if there aren’t problems or people creating problems, we force them to do so.


I hope everyone liked this list. Share and comment the lie you fell for .

This list was clearly for fun only. I enjoy Bollywood at times. No hate against the industry that keeps us entertained at all times.








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