5 Reasons Why You should Follow Your Passion

We all have passion hidden within ourselves. If you are unhappy with what you are doing or the job that you are into maybe your path doesn’t follow your passion. We often don’t take up the jobs that we love to do. One of the reasons could be that we think we are not fortunate enough to make money with the work we love to do. That’s where we are stand wrong. The happiness lies in the inner satisfaction, which comes when you start following your passion.
Here are 5 reasons why you should follow your passion.
1. Feeling of joy
Doing something that we love outcasts the feeling of work pressure. The endless cycle of misery doesn’t exist anymore!
2. Money is not equal to Happiness
Money is the most powerful thing in the world. It can build as well as destroy kingdoms. People are often blinded by money and fail to choose the career that best suits them. Our generation runs after money but, this shouldn’t be something that one should do for the rest of their lives.
3. More dedicated
If you are passionate about your work, putting in some extra efforts or working for extra hours won’t make you feel overburdened. The experience seems to be much more enjoyable.
4. Unfolding the potential
Doing what you love to do will take out the Einstein hidden inside you! Writing had always evoked my interest. When I wrote my first article and published on LinkedIn I was able to get a good number of likes. People shared my article and that gave me immense joy. Since then, I started following something I love.
As you create, innovate and put your whole energy into something that you love to do, you will see yourself grow. Opportunites will be at your doorstep and, you will step into something much greater.
5. No regrets
No one wants to regret in their life. You will lead a happy and honest life once you realize that you are heading in the right direction of your career.
No room for regret is left when we start using our talents.

If J.K Rowling wouldn’t have followed her passion, imagine the famous Harry Potter fantasy and Potterheads like me wouldn’t have existed! Despite her setbacks, she kept on doing what she loved that is writing.
Don’t let failure stop you from chasing your dream or passion. Believe in yourself and never give up. Who knows you might end up being the next famous entrepreneur, writer or musician of the history!


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