7 shows to watch if you liked Gossip Girl

7 shows to watch if you liked Gossip Girl


While you might feel like, there are less chick-flicky shows out there, if you are a fan of  Gilmore girls, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s anatomy, one tree hill, vampire diaries and well of course gossip girl then you will surely enjoy the following series-

  1. Royals:


This show depicts the modern day Royals, if The Crown is a bit heavy and boring, this series is for you, as it is full of twists and turns. It shows the sibling rivalry at its best, either it’s the crooked uncle, the dead king, wild twins or the wicked Queen, every character is engrossing!

  1. Dynasty:


One thing that you can never escape is family, is the moto of this show. The show is a reboot of the hit soap opera of 1980’s, with the same name. It shows dysfunctional family, plotting against each other to claim their family’s wealth, since it’s a new show, there’s only one season, so plenty of time to catch up until the next season.

  1. Scream Queens:

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This show is scandalous to say the very least. The leader of the sonority house Chanel, is all about keeping appearances! With a masked killer on the loose, blood and screams everywhere, you’ll surely be obsessed with this horror filled comedy flick.

  1. On my Block:

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It’s totally binge worthy, it serves a heavy slice of high school drama with some really funny characters to adore. If mystery and teen drama is your forte, then this show should definitely be on your watch list.

  1. Degrassi: Next Class

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This series falls under the umbrella of various series based on the frictional Degrassi institution and is no short of drama! It gives a unique taste of friendships, relations and break ups, it an ideal watch with its relatable characters and emotional plot.

  1. Girlboss:

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Inspired by the story of the real life entrepreneur, Sophia, this series takes us to a journey from rag to riches, as the very quirky Sophia figures her way through designing her own clothes and selling them online. For an autobiographic series, it is very light and captivating!

  1. Reign:

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If you are looking for a mix of game of thrones and one tree hill, this show is a winner. With swoon worthy pair ups and unpredictable plot twists, no one can resist its unworldly charm.




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