8 ways your family treats you like a kid, although you’ve grown up

When your parents treat you like a child, what should you do? Read these stories from young adults who can relate, and pick up some ideas of how to respond.

You’re majoring in chemistry, carrying an 18-hour load while maintaining an A- average. You’re tutoring a few freshmen for extra cash, and you’re a resident assistant, responsible for keeping track of 40-odd students on your floor. At least twice a week, fellow students drop by your dorm room for advice. This week, you dealt successfully with a dorm mate who became suicidal over plunging grades and the sudden death of a romance.

Life is grindingly hard — but you’re proud of the way you’re handling it. Now it’s Thanksgiving vacation, and you’re looking forward to spending a few days at home catching up on your sleep, not to mention your homework. After a three-hour drive, you hoist your bags out of the car and throw open the front door of your parents’ home.

“Wipe your feet!” your mother hollers from the kitchen. “Shut the door!” your father adds. “Do you think we want to heat the whole outdoors?”

Suddenly, you’re 10 years old again.


Here are some moments when you might feel that you are being treated like a baby :-

  1. When mom says to drink plenty of water before going outside.
  2. When your dad says to drive slow !!
  3. When your elder brother or sister says to stay away from relationships !!
  4. When your Grandma serves you a great deal of food, inspite of your tummy being full !!
  5. When your dad or your grandpa takes you out for a walk.
  6. When your uncle visits your house, and comes with a chocolate for you.
  7. When your mom applies oil on hairs, while complaining about your hair falling problems.
  8. When your family advices you to take all the safety precautions, such as not accepting any food from the stranger in a train journey as if you are travellingg alone for the first ever time !!

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