Not everyone is a happy story,

Not everyone is happy in their lives,

People suffer a lot

They don’t open up

We hide our feelings so that no one gets inside our world

We have no friends                        

We have no love

People often ask

Why aren’t you giving a chance to me?

I pass it off with a smile

Because of what we have seen

What we have felt, our sufferings

Our depression, our anxiety

Our sadness, our emptiness

Do they realise what this word means to us?

Chance: giving another person a knife to stab us again

This is what a chance is called

Everyone will ask us to stay positive

But they don’t realise that the person who had a harsh life

Will always think the same way

But still…

There is a chance…!!

There is always a positive side too

Once doctor said “whatever is good for you will come to you”

That day I realised we should not run after love

What is love? What is the essence of love?

Someone who is filled with happiness

Joy, positivity and cheerfulness

Be the person who makes everyone happy

But fight for respect and yourself

Sometimes this world is not good enough for people like us

But we can make this world a better place to live


That is why they said

Give us a chance

Give yourself a chance

Because one step can change your life

Because there is a chance

There is a chance…


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