A day at hospital


On Tuesday I got to know that my friend’s father got an paralysis attack. And he was admitted to the hospital. Today I went to the hospital to see him. He was sleeping or might not be in his senses, whatever it is. But he couldn’t able to see me. Today I realized that we have no control over our life. A week ago I, my friend and uncle were laughing together and eating pizza. But today i was totally amused when I saw him unconscious, helpless, his face pale and dull. I felt so emotional when i first saw him, then i saw her, his daughter, my friend. She is so strong and bold. I never wanted to visit to the hospital, not because i can’t handle the situation but because I don’t have that courage to handle myself at that situation.
When i first entered the hospital, i felt weak and numb, goosebumps started hitting me, my heart beat became fast. I was nervous. I nervous of breakdown, i thought i would not able to control my emotions. I was afraid of facing her, the strong girl, who was as strong as an iron rod. I was thinking all this and then she came, the super girl, she was smiling, i was able to see the pain behind her smile because i know her since childhood. But she was not only strong but bold also who hided her pain so boldly. Then she took me to her father, the numb father, that smiling face was vanished, who always smiles and says to me, “beta roz ghr aya karo..acha lagta hai”(come home daily child..it feels good). I was just looking at his face and her mother’s face who was standing beside. They were about to take him for the city scan. I was so still, couldn’t able to find words what to say to that strong wife, whose eyes were swollen. I don’t know how it feels when your life partner becomes motionless but i could imagine her pain, the pain in her eyes were visible clearly. I wish this would not happen to anyone else. And this beautiful soul will get well soon and start smiling again.
I know i can’t do anything to lessen their pain but as a friend i did what i can. I took her to the cafeteria as she has not eaten anything since night, we ordered some food for her and her sister. While they were eating i chatted them and tried my best to lighten their mood by cracking lame jokes. But her pain was still there, i know i couldn’t help because i could see her temptation to see her father talking. But at the end she seems okay and atleast she was smiling and talking not like other days but better than the morning. I pray to god, that her smile will come soon on her face. And her father will come home.


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