A depressed soul



What life has given me except pain and she started crying in her lonely room.she didn’t ate and sleep in three days.and after sometime she reached the epitome of crying level.and suddenly she stopped her crying and she rushed towards kitchen and she was searching something vigorously after sometime she find a knife and she was about to cut her hand .at that time her main door was opened with a sound “thik” and her friend gautham rushed towards her and he taken away the knife in her hand and asked her what happened and she again started crying and hugged him and said that I lost everything in life and he didn’t ask anything but he said that can we go out for sometime .she nodded no but he pleaded her and he took her to a park and he sitted her on a bench and he sat next to her and asked what happened and then suddenly she started crying vigorously and she started to say that I lost my love he is my everything he is my life .my life now gone forever and ever ..and she is crying continuously at that time he didn’t say anything . after sometime she stopped crying and now he said I will tell one story you want to listen .she saw him in a pathetic way and thinking that is he mad or something? here IAM talking about my life and he just said that he willing to tell me a story and goutham understood her pathetic look and said that first listen to my story .and she said go on ……
Now he started a story once upon a Time a girl was living in a peaceful and happy life with what she have …she have a habit of watering her plants daily so for that daily she goes to the river near by her town ..she have ten coins with her so one day daily she carries two coins with her .while she was filling her pot with water the two coins fell into the river and the kids beside her teasing her oh oh you lost your two coins then she replied that so what ?? I have 8 coins more ….next day the same happened she again lost two coins and the children teased her she replied so what? I have 6 coins more the following days happened the same ..when she lost all coins children teased her and he stopped saying then she asked him that next what happened .and he started the story smile on her face and said that so what??? Yes I lost all the coins but I have the power to earn more coins than before …..the girl shocked now he is saying that we humans become so sad when we loose something in our life and we forget everything we have and we only remember what we left ..
Our life is not about thinking what we lost our life is about what we have and live happily with we have .. because that the simple way to live a happy life …
So he asked her so now tell me now you only lost two coins and you have remaining so many unlimited coins like family,friends ,job and more you have yourself make peace with yourself………..
At last she realized the whole concept of life and then he asked her your name is muskaan so please show me some smile ..then she smiled and they went to their home…..

Yours lovely


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