A glimpse of the entrepreneur mind


Entrepreneurship is not as glamorous as it is portrayed.

Lavish lifestyle and “you only live once” attitude is not very realistic when it comes to actual entrepreneur. In the real world, it is really tough to come out as an entrepreneur to add to it you are young and inexperienced in most cases. There are a lot of things that go unaccounted for, you cannot plan out the whole future even if you pay attention to every detail and however hard you work on it.

A business is amazing, but the process of getting it running is definitely one of the hardest things that an entrepreneur can do. This is not a path that you choose and work on, all the great entrepreneurs were not knowing that they will start companies one day but they all had something in common, persistence. They stumbled across something that got them thinking about a solution, this is the reason why they are successful.
Well, successful entrepreneurial life does not come very easy, they face a fair share of problems.

Balance, most of the entrepreneurs in their initial days are struggling to keep a balance between their current life and the life which they are building. Not everyone leaves their job and starts with a startup, some people secure their finances and then go for a shot. For some, they have to leave out their social buddies for the sake of their company, they put in all of the hours into their work ensuring that it comes out really functional. Not everyone will understand what an entrepreneur does but at a later point, they tend to appreciate what they have done for themselves and others.

Comparison, every person you meet is going to compare you to the well-established businesses like Facebook, Tesla and others like it ignoring the real statistics that they have it going for years and our timelines are really quite different.

An entrepreneur is knocked down and humiliated for their ideas sometimes, and are constantly under the pressure to prove themselves and their vision.

The important thing is to use all the feedback for construction and nothing else. This combined with a few important things like,

Knowing your worth, what your company can offer to their customers and not looking to provide everything to everyone.

And lastly, being humble throughout all of this and after this. It is very important for an entrepreneur to admit to their mistake and then grow from those experiences.



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