A grieving man

Is this the way of god, 

that the person who tries to make everyone happy 

ends up being the saddest soul 


Is this a part of gods plan, 

to give all the sadness to the pure man 

and happiness to the evilest soul 


How much I try to make others happy, I end up being sad myself 

How much I try to make friends, I end up being just with myself 


Whenever I look behind me, I only see darkness nothing else 

Whenever I try to find a soul around, I only find emptiness nothing else 


When I look beside me, 

all I can see is just pitch black 

When I look behind me, 

all I can see a dark abysmal flame 


Every morning when I wake up and look in the mirror, 

all I can see in my eyes is grief 

Every night I go to bed, 

my pillow feels all my grief 


There is no such person who has never been sad,

it’s just I have it feel it every moment, in my every breath 

There is loneliness that has entered my veins,

and it is a matter of few moments that I experience death  


I wish! I could stay longer to bring happiness to others,

but the pain of grief in my veins was too much to handle 

I wish to pass on my deeds to someone else, 

but I never wish to give anyone this cursed mantle 


If possible 

remember my story 

There was a man who died in grief and pain  

to give people a happy history 


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