A Haunted room

If you want to know about good things you did in your life, simply die.” This is what I saw when I reached my hostel as many people were speaking about the tragic event.

“Anant, a brilliant academic student from a weak financial background, responsibilities on his back, died in a horrifying way”, a guy said sobbing. Tears were rolling down thinking what will happen to his parents when they would see his dead body. One of the Boys standing there said that he knew that a boy killed himself 3 months ago before the vacations started but he got no option left as living in PG will be expensive to him. I asked the security guard, elderly one, he was crying like his own child died that day, “I said him to change his room a few months earlier as the same incident happened but he didn’t agree and today …” left the conversation to shed some more tears.

I wasn’t able to get all under my throat right after coming to hostel so I decided to get some fresh air and find a place to dine in this new town and come back after all this would have settled down.3 hours later, I  arrived tired as dead and not in a state of standing, just wanted to sleep, saw a room which was slightly opened, dark from inside and without thinking of any instance I entered the room, threw bag in air and slept onto the bed saying, “whosoever’s bed is this please adjust somewhere else tonight as I’m very tired, ok?” I slept like never before but getting thirsty after eating a lot was unusual but I ignored it and tried to sleep.


I woke up in middle of the night and experienced a very strange feeling coming from the room though I saw a boy writing in the dim lamplight with his left hand continuously on a sheet and a strange sound of dripping of some liquid or something was coming from the edge of the table. “Hey, this is Arjun and it’s little awkward but can you give me a glass of water as I’m feeling thirsty”. He stood up from his chair and started moving towards the place at the darker end of the room. I stood up ignoring my tiredness and approached to see what this guy was writing this late at night. The page was covered with blood and it was a suicide note but I didn’t get the time to read it. I turned back and turned on my flashlight but saw one, realised a few seconds later that the Sound was coming from above me but when I turned the flashlight on the roof, I just saw a rotten face smiling in the dark making me realise that I just turned the flashlight on the floor and I was the one hanging upside down from the roof. 


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