A lost boy named World

What is up with the world? An ambiguous place where emotions kill most of us than carbon dioxide. We live in a desolated era of snapchat streaks, depression quotes and a very questionable existence. You and I have got heads brimming up with stories and illusions , which are often channelised through our favourite songs. We walk on the streets with melodramatic ideas of being loved at first sight with an eternity of romance or just desperate carelessness. The people we meet or see, reveal the dirtiest parts of you, judging you constantly and you respond back with double the atrocity, as if hatred is all that you’ve left inside. We hate each other more than we’ve loved anybody ever. Dear Jon Snow and Ned Stark, Winter has finally come, it has dawned upon our hearts, freezing the least bit of love. We’ve got a “dotard” – a name accredited to Trump by Kim and a “little rocket man” – a name assigned in response to dotard by Trump. These two are the founders of the war of words through affronted tweets and mockery. They definitely need a handbook of “ How to run nations while we leaders are busy swapping insults ”

The world has closed its eyes and is practically caught up in an erratic wind of unpredictable up comings. But oh! Gigi and Zayn broke up. Time to mourn. Kashmir conflicts seem eternal, the modern Satan will ultimately be the destroyers of this “Heaven on earth”.

We build up pitiable women characters in movies, with tons of make up and then fill up Instagram with cries of women empowerment and provocative feminism and “Be yourself” quotes.

 Writers are questioning the ink, painters are wanderers carrying fading colours in their hearts, musicians are on the verge of throwing the drumsticks right on the world’s head. The idea of cradling such considerably nugatory and unpredictable hobbies and moreover, making them a career is a story with an hopeless end. How very ironical, When we turn up to all these “creative fields” to set our moods right while pushing all these to the abyss of extinction. A tick tock clock hangs on the head of twelfth graders and engineers, giving them the measure of time they have left before the world can no longer accommodate them. Don’t lose hopes, rumors are flying that Mars Phoenix has made a major discovery relating to the potential for life on Mars. Maybe Aliens will understand the miseries of human life.

“Maut ka Bathtub” gave us quite hilarious memes to laugh upon. We have a $1.8 billion bank scam, but supposedly what the world needs to know are all the details of “Sridevi’s last 15 minutes in bathroom.” A tragic affair! People, we live in a world of forced happy endings and spotlights on the useless. A world where trying to bring a change either gets you a nice coffin or pocket full of money to keep your mouth shut. A world that misses Obama and Hawking and eagerly awaits “Acche Din”. We live in world that has pretty much personified – Janice, Chandler’s annoying Ex-girlfriend, forced to say – “Oh.my.God “ as the only response to all the idiocy that happens in this world.

To all the good exceptions to all of the above, keep going!The world needs you. You are the only witnesses of the good left behind.


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