A shimmering Darkness

Darkness, I’ve tried ignoring you for so long
Here you crawl in again,
Creepy, cold and darker than before,

Unexpected for sure…


Amidst a night, peaceful and deep,
You crawled in stealthily,
Webbed dense into the mind,

And sliced all emotions, which remain one of a kind.

Is there a reason for your homecoming,
Any invitation backed by sins?

Or maybe the stars stopped glowing in the might of infinity,

where our forefathers have been.

I was already swallowed by you, if you remember;
Now I want you to be with me,
Now I want you to guide my way,
And I want you for free.

Squash me under your grab,
Let the world make merry and dance around,
I’ll be there smiling,
I’ll be there hoping for what cannot be found.

These aren’t tears,
These are lucid dreams,
Dipped in it some love,
And fears crossing the brim.

You got within me
And I had no clue,
There are unopened secrets,
And  who knows, I might be darker than you.

It’s a relentless lonely way, Here people materialise with prudence, where things evolve every passing day,         and those we seek are engulfed within high fence. 



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