A Story None Wants To Hear

A childhood full of insecurities and failures, she arose as a girl who fail to trust anyone became subjective of her own terms and rules. Her destiny never allowed her to gain more friends since she was always in the fear of losing them…. The fear of failure, of catastrophe. In her world, she built a small window of letting people in her life and throwing them out, whoever breakdowns her trust. As an insecure child, she was always conscious about what others will think about her, how her uneasiness will reduce whenever she talks to anyone. Standing alone, she achieved what was good for her, did great in academics and in her own mind she let all her insecurities go when she emerged as an independent woman.

If a belief is there, a hope is there…

Little did she know that in this hypocrite world, there’s a place – an identity which can secure her future. A race towards her beliefs, her desires is all she was ever wanting. A belief held in her mind comprising of her beautiful journey which she never had a chance to relish during her childhood. An independent and secure woman was all she was aiming for, after knowing the true colours of the world, where if there’s no identify people will eventually start arbitrating you. Beautiful in her own way, not allowed the world to manipulate her anymore. No one supported her, yet she was ready to fight all alone with the world. In this journey, she learned in order to create your identity you should let go all the insecurities you have in mind whilst welcoming all the ecstasy in your life. Having a disturbed childhood, she never allowed people around her to face the same and starting to appraise her life by cherishing all the beautiful moments she had even in her childhood even if there were less.

A journey of her life that is portrait about her failures that she had overcome. Beautiful journey from childhood to a successful lady in her life gives us all a lesson as courage to overcome all insecurities, if a belief is there, there’s a hope as well.




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