A Trip Down Memory Lane

Classroom memories…

We often find kids feeling all excited about leaving school and going to college. They think that they will have all the freedom to do whatever they like once they step out of school. Soon they graduate from school and enter the college of their dream……but the thing is that they won’t find the time or patience any more to do the things they planned on. At that very moment, they realize that school life was the best and they wish they never grew up.

Let us recall some of the best memories back from our school time…..

  • Praying that the teacher is absent every day so that we could get a leisure period.
  • Standing in the last row during exercise time in P.T so that you don’t need to stretch your arms and legs and goofing around.
  • Maintaining a pin drop silence when the principle is on rounds.
  • Having ice gola on the way home every day.

  • Bunking class to play UNO in the library. (We actually did this once and went to the class in the middle of the lecture. The teacher asked for an explanation and we said that we were helping the librarian to arrange the books. He allowed us into the class.)

  • Writing slip tests with the book under the desk.
  • Counting the number of students sitting in front of us as well as the number of paragraphs and being prepared with ‘our’  paragraph beforehand.

  • Avoiding eye contact with the teacher when she asks a question addressing the whole class.
  • Rubbing your unpolished shoes over your socks to make them shine.
  • Volunteering to go and bring something that the teacher forgot from the staff room just to pass the time.
  • Trying hard to keep our eyes open during a lecture. (I don’t know what miracle happens, as soon as the teacher leaves sleep vanishes.)

  • Solving the puzzle in the times of India newspaper (student edition that we used to get every day) with keen interest.
  • Maintaining silence like never before and pretending as if we don’t exist when the teacher asks who is going to give today’s seminar.
  • Playing X-O, Bingo, Name Place Animal Thing, pen fight, thumb fight and red hands and feeling as if we are at the top of the world if we won.

  • Eating lunch box sneakily in between classes. (Even if it’s one spoon it feels like our stomach is full. That is the magic of eating food in between a lecture.)
  • Common dialogue: “I completed the homework but forgot to bring the notes.”
  • Rushing to the blackboard to dust it as soon as the teacher leaves the class.
  • Practising parent’s signature on the last page of the notebook for emergency cases. ( like signing the test papers)
  • Skipping the class for a month to practice for the annual day even if we are not actually performing.
  • Best punishment: standing on the bench. 


“Hmm…. good old days.” They will never come back even if you wish so hard. After having an exhausting day of your grown-up life these are the precious memories that will make you smile. So, the moral is to stop obsessing over growing up and getting your way and start enjoying life as it is and continue making beautiful memories.


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