A Walk in the Woods

I saw something on a board above a huge ancient looking gate. It caught my attention instantaneously. I wanted to go in. I had to go in. So I walked, rather I tried to walk and somehow managed to reach the counter. A quiet old man sat there. “Rs.250,please.” , he said but it felt as if he knew I was wasting the money. But I couldn’t wait to get in, I could feel the blood pumping in my face and my heart beating fast. I was actually excited after so long. I got my ticket and they opened the gates for me. And there it was. A small road in the forest. I ran in through the road into what I had dreamed of every night, A real forest! Well, it was running for me but the gatekeeper must have seen it as a paralyzed woman wobbling down the road. But it felt so good, I didn’t care. I ran as fast as I could. A soft breeze started to flow. My hair was flying and the sun rays hit my wrinkled face. I took it all in. The smell of it and the feeling of the grass beneath your toes. I couldn’t believe it.

Then I heard it, a little tweet. I looked up and saw a small bird. It flew off and I chased it. I splashed into a stream of fresh water. As I had learned from Man Vs Wild, always keep close to a stream in the woods or you’ll lose your way, I decide to walk by it. There were some fishes inside it. Whoa! Fishes, seriously?  They looked up at me. It seemed that they were equally curious to see me. I put my hand in and a fish kissed it. When I took it out it was bleeding.”Hein, fishes have teeth? Evolution perhaps!”, I laughed. But they followed me. “Hell, this isn’t normal. Why are they following me?” Then something ahead made me stop dead in my path. A huge wild bear stood at a rock trying to catch a fish. I froze and could hardly breathe. But he saw me. He started walking towards me. I freaked out. I didn’t know what to do. Call out or stay still. Then I thought, well years have gone by waiting for a such an experience, I should live it to fullest. He came very close to me. He didn’t seem to be surprised to see me. He kept looking at me as if he was expecting me to do something. Then the most peculiar thing happened! A fish popped out of the water on its own and the bear caught it. Wow! Awesome! He chewed on to his kill. “But wait, does this normally happen? Fishes popping out? Hell, I wouldn’t know, I’ve always lived in the city. But I did watch a lot of television. This is not normal…Never mind.”, I thought. The bear still chewed. Then he puked out some remains! “Super weird! Bears don’t do that! Snakes do that! Fishes don’t even have any remains!”, I whispered. Then the bear got up and started walking away. Maybe he had gotten bored by me. I walked to the place where he had been sitting. And my heart dropped. The excitement vanished. The adrenaline drained off. “Of course! How could I be so stupid? What was I thinking? That I could live my dream now? After everything that happened?”, I sighed. Thrown on the ground was the mechanical skeleton of the fish with some batteries. Then I got the literal meaning of what was written on the board outside.

A forest, 2090.


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