The key to being self-happy, to attain inner peace, to be in love with the chaotic mess you are is Acceptance. Accepting yourself what you are, who you are and what your views and opinions make you feel more confident, more beautiful and more relaxed. There are the dark phases in our lives where everything seems to come to a standstill, where you are just about to give the utmost reason of survival- hope. Accepting all these atrocious obstacles stumbling on your way and moving forward with your head held high instills in you the quality of strength and bravery. People may think you are fat, they may ignore you for simply no reason,they cheat on you,hurt you badly, yet accepting all the filth they say with a shiny smile on your face will enable you to see how much more life has to offer you and there may be a slight ray of happiness waiting for you. The biggest contentment you will find in your life is by acceptance. Yes, there may be gloomy adulation surrounding you, engulfing you inside it, isolating you from the best around but accepting the circumstance and dealing with it makes you emerge as a champion in your own eyes. Even the biggest of the mental trauma i.e Depression can be fought out through acceptance. Accepting the things around you and moving forward reduces the power of overthinking. Sometimes, it may seem to be difficult to accept but it takes real courage to do it. This all seems quite difficult, indeed it is but just reminds yourself in your mind-“This time shall also pass away.” This will provide you with a sense of motivation feeling flowing through your body and enabling you with the robustness and energy you may need to face it.


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