The first step towards change is awareness. 

The second step is acceptance.

                                                      – Nathaniel Branden 


Acceptance is an art which is present in nearly every human but as we grow up and become how we see the people around us, we change. Unfortunately we change for the worst. While some people undoubtedly, remain good and accepting, many others become intolerant, racist and misogynistic. In this world where everything is a big blur of grey, sometimes a little ray of sunshine and smiles can go a long way.  

Accepting people for who they are is a rare talent nowadays, which is baffling because as a kid I certainly do not remember being racist or bullying and judging people. I distinctly remember being scolded by my parents if I even showed a hint of disrespect.

 Maturity is supposed to be a sign of growing up. I disagree; if being mature means bullying and judging people on their appearance, gender, sexual preference or religion, then I am not mature.

According to sensible people, maturity is the opposite of being intolerant. Maturity is knowing that people are free to express themselves, express their religion and their thoughts and preferences. Immaturity is judging them as if you are entitled to something.  

It is high time that people start breaking stereotypes regarding gender, religion, caste or region. It is high time that people accept each other as they are and not according to as they should be. There should be freedom to love, to befriend and to work in any city or region.

 If a man is effeminate does not mean that he is homosexual, same goes for a girl who is masculine. A person being in a physical relationship before marriage does not guarantee him/her a place in the depths of Hell and most importantly, it does not allow you to discriminate them because it is “immoral” or “characterless”. We have heard stories of young couples being denied apartments for rent because of their non-marital status. This is blatant discrimination and it should not even be seen as a problem.

 The most important kind of acceptance is self- acceptance which can only be acquired through self-confidence and knowing that nobody but you is responsible for your happiness and self- worth. Though it does not cost a lot to be nice to someone or compliment them. Always remember that people can be brutal in their view, thoughts and opinions but you neither need to allow them to dictate your self-worth nor be like them. You can choose to be a better, accepting and kind person in every situation.


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