acid attacks


Acid attack is the worst of the crimes that take place not only in India, but in the world. Concentrated hydrochloric acid is used as a weapon in this act of violence.
Some of the facts about this crime are:
1) Around 1500 number of acid attack cases emerge around the world every     year according to International Acid Survivors Trust. While these are             those cases which are reported, there are many which remain unreported     for many reasons.
2) 70%-80% of the victims remain females and 30% of them are under the       age of 18(teenagers).

3)The topmost reason behind such a heinous crime remains to be the               refusal of love/marriage/sexual advances and refusal of dowry/land               remain the other reasons.
4) It takes just 30seconds for the acid to burn the skin to a very deep level.
5) It causes very immediate disfigurement, pain and burn to the body. It has     the power enough to even dissolve or melt the bones!
6) Multiple reconstructive surgeries are required to re-figure the exposed            part and this too does not guarantee complete cure!
7) Acid in India comes for as cheap as 15-20 rupees per litre, making it very     easy for the perpetrator to buy!
8) CEDAW is the international organisation taking care of this crime.
9) Standing under slow running water for half an hour is advised for any           victim.
10) Usage of ice should be strictly prohibited as it may worsen the condition.
11) Also, keep your eyes open while lukewarm water is allowed to pour into       the eyes so as to remove every drop of acid!
12) Each surgery costs lakhs of rupees!

The survivors who have fought through this are the most brave people on earth for me. What can you do to stop these attacks?


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