Escape the worry, mislay all hurry

Spare a moment before it’s blurry


Life is but a short story

Cherish every moment

Celebrate each glory

Forget that what makes you sad

The brighter side will make you glad.


What good is it if you have

No time to pause and stare;

Admire moments and people that care.

Rivers that swift, slowly they drift

Birds that chatter, leaves that shatter.

Trees that reach up the sky

Stretch of green ahead that lie

The mystic silence of the lanes,

Raindrops on your windowpane

The scorching sun, watch it burn

Chasing shadows, isn’t it fun?

The serene nights, the moon so bright

Shiny stars on gloomy nights.

Glimpses of the shades of blue

Watch them change to crimson hue.


Have you seen a shooting star?

Made a wish for someone who’s far.

Came across a happy day?

Helped a man who lost his way.

Ever sat by the riverside?

And watch the boat sail through tide.

Oh! It’s great to be a part

Of things and places that soothe your heart.


So take a breath

Halt a while

Leave the work

And gaze a mile

Cherish that

What makes you smile.

Admire as you walk,

Down the aisle.


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