After all we are humans


I’m sitting in a park, watching people and friends enjoying the weather and listening to music after a long exhausting day. I am around 20 other men and women. I was scrolling down my phone to check my feeds. I witness a lot many memes by my friends, requests from strangers and stalking them to justify my friends list, is a good run of time, then stories by people I know or I don’t know and most importantly messages from my friends or tags. Then I see an anonymous message request in the chats zone.
I open it out of curiosity and not to mention delete it, if it was spam. I accept it and check the texts. The messages read psychotic. The text read “Wanna see my thing?” 

It was unavoidable but also embarrassing for me to sit in a place as such and ogle at things like this.I press the back button and run to block the anonymous one. There are many mentally challenged people girls come across every time and I’m used to cursing them and plunk down my eyes when I meet people like them. Suddenly 5 to 7 messages arrive in the mean time. I didn’t knew it could be his message and open to check if some friend pinged an important message. I come across a lot many pictures of penis and masturbating at the same time. For a few seconds I was numbed, I didn’t knew how to react to the plight that was on the other side of the phone. It was embarrassing for me to sit in a park and address pictures like such. I kept calm, and blocked him marking him as spam. But yet I knew he could do the same to other girls too even if one blocked him, it could hardly matter. Then yes, I decided to block the account permanently by asking many of my friends to mark him as spam and report it.
People should know to respect others solitude and humanity before executing such insane works, after all we are all humans.


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