An Incident (a college story)

Strolling in the midst of the now so silent road,
this breeze has a different toll,
cold, it prickled the skin, but I was just strolling through those cold winter winds.
silence is what we seek, doing the same, I just went from the starting point towards my destination, choosing to walk.

In that silence, just thoughts of craziness/blank-ness went through.
suddenly aghast was a boy on cycle same the age as of mine, going so fast as a bolt that one second he was here and the next he was somewhere. Not shocked at all as I knew what he could have been thinking about, the work he left on the days to come finally met a deadline now.

Why we have to rush so hard that we forget that even in these prickles of cold we find the most enticing parts, as we go, we remember the past, think of what is to come or just stroll in midst of these slow winds, putting a toll on our minds of the things which are either to come or are far left behind, stop stop, not in between the way, just stop these thoughts in your head, for once just enjoy the view of these shards of cold falling on you, as these may be the last moments for you to walk cause who knows what will we have to run for in the next moment going to come.

Not so far now, I just had some thoughts that were it good I completed my work after which I settled for resting down, cause when down this road I walk embracing the scattered light from street lights I knew it was all worthwhile.

Just a few questions I ask did everyone one of us left the work on days going to come? Did, at last, will you rush to do what has been given t you for weeks now? Enjoy for now as the moment you step out, some or some other work will make you rush to your destiny, and you’ll be enjoying it the same if you just stroll enjoying through, even those prickles of cold winds.

Make a plan set it out and do your best from jeoparding it anyhow, cause this strolling is not everyone gets and those who do, they never tell.

You may think that it is just all a poetic way to describe, but just know I’m a student just facing the same.

As I reach there inside my hostel, found that same guy who was on the cycle now with his hand covering the face, asking me just a question Did I made the report from the last month? And I rushed to complete it then, submitting date was already gone I reckon.

Just the same, that the stroll has its benefits and losses the same way as it goes for all we think are worth spending time on.


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