An overall picture of the Indian Start-Up Ecosystem


Whether there are political issues, funding issues or startup issues, Indian government has always been an aid. With the right strategies and appropriate business approaches, the government has been able to provide a clear path to numerous startups of different niche. Nearly all businesses are aiming for a digital market world to make their clients, partners and investors readily interested in their day to day activities and also make their online transactions run on a smooth manner.


With the right business politics like taxation policies, easier access to loans, most startups have been established in a such a manner where the built-up ecosystem is at ease. It has also been reported that over 1,000 tech-startups were introduced last year, which has helped India achieve 3rd position for a startup based emerging economy after US and UK. With over largely well established and acknowledged base for startup hub, cities like NCR, Bengaluru and Mumbai have continued to dominate the market industry.


Sectors in which startups have been increasing doing well were Fintech and healthtech, since most of the startups established last year were purely focusing on B2B segment. Whilst social startups have been also on the popularity charts with an 18% sales growth per year.


However, for any business to make a mark in the existing niche is acknowledgment and the right funding. But recent reports state that in the last five years, there is a slight decline in the seed-stage funding graph for the businesses, while in the B2B segment the graph has increased on a ratio of 27% to 32%.


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