An unsatisfied person……


Who is an unsatisfied person…. a person whose dreams are yet to be fulfilled or a person who is striking for more? Striking for more, aiming high, dreaming of big things or to plan big….. could all these be considered to be traits of a person who is unsatisfied. To be satisfied in life is important but if a person is not satisfied with what he/she is doing towards their dreams and goals than to be unsatisfied is good. Dream high and big and to fulfill them be unsatisfied until they are achieved and you have reached your desired goal.


Always try to understand the situation rather than compromising on things…. situation will not be in our favor always but we can make things in our favor, we can try to understand the situation and try to make things work for us and be in our favor because compromises make the person weak and pull away from their goals. Unsatisfactory dreams will make you finish and complete your goals on time and in a better way.

“The happiest person doesn’t have the best of everything, they just make the best out of everything”  as the line states we should make best out of everything. The situation may be different and they might not be in our favor and we can make best out of everything whether they are in our favor or not. If we can do so then satisfaction will be always in our favor and we can proceed further. Situations might not be in our favor but we can always pick something positive from every unfavorable situation.


A person might have achieved his/ her goal but the hunger to achieve will always be there in their minds and it will make them unsatisfied towards many things. They will not be happy with 90%, they will always strive for 100% so that they are satisfied. Unsatisfactory results will lead to seeing the best in you which will help you to achieve the desired goal.


Sometimes dissatisfaction leads to greed and competition in the society and among people. Everybody will want what the other person is having in the name of unsatisfactory desires. But instead of being greedy we can focus on healthy competition among each other. We can dream of achieving what the person is having and making our self-capable enough to achieve the level.



dissatisfaction and hunger to achieve dreams and goals can be good and bad also. It depends on how you look at things and how you try to achieve their goals and dreams. An unsatisfied person will always work hard towards their goals and will always be hungry to achieve more and if it is in a healthy way then you can be an unsatisfied person……..


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