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Android , so what basically android is ?
Android is a mobile operating system that was basically designed for the touch screen devices like tablets and smart phones. Android is world’s most popular operating system and the most in demand.
Android codes are written in C, JAVA, C ++ and it has recently introduced KOTLIN. The most widely used coding language is JAVA.
Android was first introduced or released in September 23,2008.
Till today Android there has been 16 releases for Android , the latest release being OREO(version: 8.0-8.1)
Android is available in more than 100 languages and is really user friendly.

Now turning to the applications that further enhance android and makes it more user friendly and demanding.
Android applications which extends the functionality of the devices are written using the android software development kit(SDK) and in the java language. The SDK contains the combination of a debugger, software libraries, an emulator based on QEMU,sample code(which further has to be written by the programmer) and other tutorials that helps the programmer to write his codes comfortably with lesser problems. Initially Google supported Eclipse(Android ADT) or android development programs and then further Google released Android Studio which became an easier way to the better creation of android codes and programs . for an android app development using either eclipse or Android Studio we need to first select the SDK(the latest version of our smart phone). There is a “.java” file in the “src” folder where we write the java codes for the app . Android Studio or Eclipse gives a sample code for the program which contains the imported packages and the class. Then there comes an XML file which is under the layout folder of “rec” directory. The XML file is the layout or the graphical file which gives us the blueprint of how roughly our project or the android app will look . The XML layout has a pallet section that contains various widgets like the text view , edit text ,scroll bars, progress bars etc. There are namely four layouts “linear layout “,”relative layout”, “absolute layout” and “constraint layout”. The absolute layout is not used anymore in the latest version of the android studio. The codes written are case sensitive( upper case characters are treated as upper case and vice versa.)
Now , why to learn Android Development?
 The android devices are getting more efficient and affordable , the size of the market is thus expected to grow and therefore there will be more exposure to the better opportunities for future.
 The huge market app , the Google play store gives the user the all new joy of experiencing apps with various features. So with google play stores and the android app development this has become much easier ,efficient and no doubt fun.
 The android provides an interesting revenue investment and thus a lot of blooming companies these days have a proper android app development unit for this for both launching their app and advertisements.
 The self money maker , yes one can easily earn just by launching an app to the Google play store and all you need is a through thorough in this . But , launching an app is a very tough job in itself , one has to get all the relatable knowledge , the app should be one of it’s own kind and content should be very different from other apps .
There can be innumerable listed reasons for the benefits of learning Android Development and if you want to bloom in this competitive society , android app development is surely one key .


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