Back to childhood


I want to steal those choorans again from school canteen to share with my friends,

I want to distance myself from the complexities of life and once again become excited over the small things,

I just don’t want to worry about how loud I am laughing and just want to enjoy that feeling,

I just want to give myself time to get bored which will provide me the time to imagine,explore and think about whatever I like,

I want to ride once again in the back seat instead of driving,

I just want to share that lunch with my friends which I loathed,

I just want to break rules again like eating desserts first and watching movie in the middle of the day,

I just want to dig out my old CDs, cassettes and 8-tracks to relive the pleasure of music,

I just want to revisit fairs, arcades, zoos, playgrounds, water parks and all my childhood haunts,

I want to play in the mud again and splash around in the puddles,

I want to climb those trees again from where I have fallen in my childhood,

I want to chase those ice cream trucks again which I generally used to catch n my childhood,

Now I have started playing with my grandchildren to get a hit of nostalgia,


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