School days are the best part of one’s life,

A journey from being a kid to a Sharp minded knife.

As we learn more and more,

From alphabets , words and one two three four..

The journey can not go alone,

We make numerous friends who are known

As friends and as partners in all the deeds,

They act as a guide and a hand holding you in all your needs.

The moments of chatting, bunking, giggling and freaking out,

Listening then together when the teacher would shout.

Giving the teachers those funny names,

Playing with your friends all the memorable games.

Exams are always the biggest fear,

A bad result would be the worst thing to appear.

Having parties on all small or big occasions,

Those truffle cakes took huge donations :p

The crushes , the patch ups , the hook ups , the link ups

One could never do without the break ups :p

Eating at the canteen or from your friend’s box,

Always exist a person who would endlessly talk 😉

‘Lucky’ is the word for me as i can not be cruel,

Because I have made the loveliest friends in school.

The memories will be treasured forever in my heart,

Even if I go anywhere and have a new start.

And as I look back and remember my school days,

All the friends be together – this is all my heart prays.



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