Bathukamma – Telangana State Festival


Navrathri’s here ! Every state all over the India celebrates in different and it’s own traditional way. The same way we people of Telangana state celebrate Navrathri by flowing a floral offering in the river or lakes in our state. We celebrate Bathukamma from the first day of Navrathri that is Engili Puvula Bathukamma to the last day that is Sadhula /Pedha Bathukamma. Women of Telangana arrange a pyramid of flowers on a plate on which Gauramma a cake made of Kunkum and Turmeric mixed with water is placed. Flowers are arranged in such a way that Gauramma is hidden inside . This tradition is followed from hundreds of years by the ancestors of Telangana state.  

Why do we people of Telangana celebrate Bathukamma?  

It is believed that after a fiery fight with “Mahishasura the demon” , Goddess Parvati had fallen asleep on this floral mountain named “Ashwayuja Padyami”.Bathukamma is named in order to wake her up which in English means “Wake up Goddess”. This mountain on which Parvathi Devi has slept is worshipped as Goddess Bathukamma. There are like many other legendary stories regarding the origin of Bathukamma festival of which, this story is one among them. 

How do we celebrate all these Days? 

Bathukamma takes 9 forms in all the nine days of Navrathri. There’s a special traditional dance with many traditional songs that are known and sung by all the women of Telangana. We can notice almost all the women prepare this beautiful floral Bathukamma and dance around it . Many renowned politicians also take part in this great festival. Women dress up in beautiful sarees and wear Jewelry . Telangana Government actively encourages this tradition and respects this amazing custom. 



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