Beach and Guitar

Beach and guitar

So, the story goes back to when I was 20 and better to include well-versed in guitar. My house was about 100 kms from the beach so we oftenly visited there so I was not quite excited to go there on a trip with friends. Like who wants to go the same place tens of time. Yes I do admit that I like the place, it was quite, cool and soothing but something was not making things right for me, maybe my brain was thinking to much. So I decided to stop thinking irrational and pack my stuffs and most importantly my guitar as instructed by my gang.
We were on a 4 days stay and that too on our own camp, the only thing I was excited about. At night I went out alone as all others were sleepy with my guitar. I was playing and singing (Ah, it felt like movies), when a girl approached me. She asked me if she could sit and hear my song I (embarrassed) said yes, when it was almost 5 minutes and I was building up the courage to ask her whereabouts her partner came up, and there goes my first love (no not first, kind of like 20th-30th). I was alone again and then some people invited me to their group and sing with them, it was so delightful (PS: I got free food 🙂 ).
And this was the schedule for the next 3 days because on the 4th day something strange happened, I was called by a man who looked in his 30’s and with his muscles and tattoo close to a gangster . I was afraid to death I didn’t know playing guitar in the beach is illegal. But when I went there it was a whole group of gangster, and they asked me to join them. So I did as they asked I will not say they were not gangster but they did nothing to me so its cool right.
And I am really sorry sir that when you asked me about my phone number I told you I do not have phone because I am poor.
When I still recall it, it give me chills, so sweet chilled memory.


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