Being bestfriends !

They say one’s who fight a lot
Are supposed to be bestfriends
Which is so true in our case
As our fights knew no ends

We argued and mocked
And fought a lot
But being friends with you
is the best thing Destiny brought

You were there for me
When i felt low
You are my bestest friend
And my most favourite foe

You’ve heard me laugh
And seen me cry
And to bring a smile on my face
Is what you would always try

You always want me to succeed
And are ever ready with your preachings
And as a good kid  i hear it all
And always follow your teachings

The time spent with you
Was the best time i had
And please don’t try singing
Because you’re that bad

Loads of luck and happiness
Is what i wish for you
And don’t you dare forget me
Else I’ll come hunting you

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