Being comfortable in your own body

We live in a world which  unfortunately does consist of  people who constantly evaluate us based on the way we look.So it is natural for several individuals to experience a feeling of insecurity while presenting themselves in the public eye.The judgemental eyes and straight forward opinions maybe a bit hard to bare.Adding to that is a preset standard of beauty that is not spoken out in the open but we cannot deny that it exists. So how can you learn to be comfortable with your own body and prevent the negative opinions and comments from affecting you?.Here are  a few things to keep in mind if  you ever face body shaming or appearance criticism:

1.Do not label yourself

          When it comes to looks people may label you as several things-skinny,chubby,weak,and yes,even ugly.Their opinions won’t matter as long as you don’t feel the same way.Never let someone’s opinions stop you from doing the  things you love.Understand that no one is perfect and you are not what others label you to be!

2.Do not compare yourself with others

          The grass is always greener on the other side.Some people may have hit the genetic lottery(according to some) when it comes to looks but know that looks aren’t everything.Do not assume that such people have everything and are living a happy life.Everyone has their own personal struggles.So instead of comparing yourself with others and grieving about how imperfect your life is,try to make the most of it.

3.Start to love yourself

          This is the most important thing that you must do.You are what you are and sometimes you can’t change that.Learn to accept yourself and slowly you will start loving yourself.And if  you ever face harsh comments and criticism,then do as the saying goes, ‘In through one ear and out through the other!’.


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