Being high: Startups: 5 Things to keep in mind: IDEA


Hi again and welcome to the Being High: StartUps series. This is the fourth installment of the 5 things to keep in mind part of the series.
The section to score the second position is IDEA.

Yup, an idea.

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The idea is something which could be a solution to something which has been bugging us for long, or it could be a new innovation which makes it easier for us to perform a certain task. An idea has its own meanings for everyone. To someone the idea of judging college students by asking “Who is hot?” may just be a huge hoax but for some certain one, it could be a start of something really enormous…….. Facebook……… But who cares.

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The concept is that to run any kind of startup every specification of your idea matters cause the foundation is based on what you thought and if you are not adamant on it things will not take time to go downhill. Amendments could be made all along the way but you have to stick to the plan and execute it first hand to see the result so that you can learn from it at least.

And at last, comes the concept of basing a business on the very idea you thought of. Anything we do, if we can’t make bucks out of it, there is certainly no meaning to it. In the end what matters is what we gained and more we can add on. It is safe to say that money isn’t everything but it is a warning sign if your idea is not valued (is selling) at all the market.

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And I think you may have guessed it but the topmost thing is Timing which we are going to discuss soon enough in the coming article.

Till then Work Hard.


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