Being High: StartUps: 5 things to keep in mind: Team


This far we have talked about the Funding and the Business modeling aspect of a startup.
In this part comes the factor of 28% effect if you have a startup. The word is TEAM.

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Alone we move fast but together we move far
This is a version of quote Ratan Tata said. It may stand a meaning to some and none to some others. But having worked with startups myself I can say for sure that there is a dire need for a team whether we do any work. That also a major need.

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A team is not a part which effects a lot in the initial phase of a startup. But a team consists of people you trust. And when it comes to any up or downs, literally any ups or downs, a team is the only factor which prevents your startup from disappearing off the face of the world. A team is whom you rely on, a team is what you work with and you work for. A good team makes you push forward your limits.

A good team is worth it all if you ask me.

But still being so important, team factor holds only 28% of the importance. This there are more important factors than a good team. Next article will show the second most important factor.

Till then keep working.


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