Being High: StartUps: Voids


Have you started? Well, the answer is NOT in most of the cases. It is as plain as a mirror, simply the truth that you didn’t start. Even if you did start there would be something which is stopping you to lunge forward. Ever dared to ask what is it?

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Well, first of all as I mentioned that we will talk about Start, guess what I did already and few of us have already begun. There is no other explanation of how to start, you JUST DO IT! (thanks to Nike).

About the lunging forward part, the condition which may develop a huge problem for you in the later run is an adjective “Void”.

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Void means a completely empty space. A part of your idea which never occurred to you until you came to an abrupt halt. A part where no amount of thinking worked and you were left confused that what to do now?

The answer is, again, simple. Don’t think as a founder or a creator, think as a magazine reporter taking an interview of the future “you”, the “you” who you always wanted to be. And then begin by simply asking a question to the future you that “Who are you now? And how do you feel to be where you are now?”.

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Let your mind rest and keep asking the toughest question to yourself, come from the future “you” to the present slowly and you will know which path you followed to become the one who you want to be.

It works like magic. Try it daily to have clear goals and zero voids. It is a continuous process.

See you till then.


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