Best free online grammar checker tools you must use in 2019


Today, one of the greatest problems faced by websites is a lower quality of the written content. Although it may not seem like a big deal to use “but” if you mean “yet” or put a comma in every sentence, these errors can affect your site when interacts with visitors.

There are many reasons grammatical errors are so prevalent on the Internet. Many people don’t examine their work, others are not familiar with the rules and do not seek additional help.

If your new job involves content writing or if you plan to start a blog, improve your writing skills. You can never write without help. Grammar is one of the key elements of writing. Unless your content is perfect, nobody will take you. There are many free online grammar and punctuation checker tools that can help you improve the quality of your web content.

The fact is that even renowned writers have publishers and proofreaders who double check their content. It’s a reasonable thing to do mistakes if you write a lot because you’re not a machine. Since you’re not a famous writer and don’t want to spend money on editors, finding a reliable writing tool is the best option. These tools should help you filter your content and fix all the errors in writing.

Here you can find a list of the best free online grammar checker tools:


It attracts millions of writers for writing error-free content. It’s inspiring that 10 million people use Grammarly Chrome Extension to polish every single piece of their writing. It’s not just because it is free; it’s meaningful and worth it.

Grammarly is available on Windows for MS Office users, an online app for email and social media writers, an original app for MAC OS, and add-ons for popular browsers such as Firefox, Safari, and Google. You can upload your document on it. This intelligent software can check hundreds of different grammatical errors, spelling, punctuation, etc.

In addition, this is not only well known for grammar and punctuation checkers; it has a variety of features including vocabulary enhancement, correction of contextual spelling, word suggestions, rephrase of sentences, professional proofreading, a plagiarism checker, and more. You can use the translator, alternate word suggestions, and dictionary options to make your content more personalized and more reader-friendly. 


  • Easy to use and user-friendly interface
  • Help you write online everywhere
  • More reliable and more precise results
  • Multi-faceted tool for the satisfaction of writers
  • Helps to improve your style of writing
  • Reports and insights to know your writing performance


  • Does not support Quora


Another powerful online grammar checker tool tops in our list are by PrePostseo. No software can overcome this program when it comes to free grammar check. It doesn’t correct only spellings, but it also checks in-depth grammatical errors like incorrect use of active and passive voice, excessive use of same expressions, and fragmentation of sentences and wrong pronoun preferences.

Different countries support different spellings of the English language. Now you do not need to run after different English corrector tools for each language. This English checker tool can check multiple supported spellings of countries like America, British, and South Africa, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Teachers and students can get benefit equally from this tool. Bloggers and web content writers can use this tool to make their content grammar error free. Once you have written your paper online, submit it on this tool in pdf, doc or txt. If you do not want to upload the file, you can copy paste your written content in the box. Click check grammar and get an instant report.


  • Multiple supported language
  • Easy to use for non-native English speakers
  • Simple to check assignments
  • Real time spell and grammar checker
  • Chrome Extension available


  • Not available offline


It is a phenomenal tool, among other grammatical and spells checking software. As a typical tool, Ginger software has extensive features such as spelling and grammar correction, punctuation errors, and rephrases of sentences, translators, dictionaries and more.

Ginger helps you write in emails, MS Office, social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. In addition, it launched its Android OS mobile app. Ginger is renowned for its trainer feature among the writers. It equips ginger’s personal trainer with personalized practice sessions that allow you to write and learn from your mistakes to improve your writing. The text reader of the ginger software is another unique feature. The text-to-speech capability of Ginger reads your text back in the native language accent.


  • Suitable for native English speakers and non-native speakers
  • Friendly and helps to improve your vocabulary
  • Has a massive database with accurate results


  • Limitations on word counts to check in the free version
  • Mac OS does not support it

ProWriting Aid 

As a grammar checker, style editor and writing mentor, ProWriting Aid is an exceptional tool. With a strong belief that perfect content is not just a grammar correction; it includes results in excellent readability. This is the best software to edit manuscripts, essays, and assignments.



ProWriting helps you to take writing to the next level. You can add plugin extension to MS Word and Google Docs. In writing, words with the short syllable and varying sentence length are major deciding factors to improve the readability of your text. This software visualizes the length of your every sentence so you can make the necessary changes.




  • Google Chrome extension available. 
  • MS Word, Google Docs, has Mac and Windows OS support for the Desktop app. 
  • Faster and freely available.


  • Currently, Mac OS does not have an add-on available.
  • It does not save your projects and cannot be restored for later use.

Slick Write 

Slick Write is an easier grammar checker with other simple punctuation checker tools. It’s a free online tool like PaperRater. You can copy your document in the text box. To improve your content, check the results and correct the errors. You have options for saving, copying, and opening a new file. Enter a word or phrase in the “Associate” module and hit Enter. It gives you a list of related words to make your contents easier to read.

Quick Lookup option gives you the results of the word or phrases from different sources, such as a dictionary, thesaurus, a rhyming dictionary, Google, and Wikipedia. Slick Write analyzes your text in three main categories: stylistic features, the sentence, and vocabulary. Your content will gain more value once it passes through these major errors.

Statistics show pictographic representations of the proportion of your writing in different aspects. Here you can find out your weak areas between passive voice index, readability index, prepositional phrase, adverbs, and lengths of sentences.


  • Google Chrome and Firefox extensions are available. 
  • Easy to check for grammatical errors, stylistic errors and spelling errors in context. 
  • Don’t need to download any software.


  • Not suitable for writers with expertise. 
  • Does not have enough features that every author need. 
  • Does not support Windows, mobile or social media platforms.


The Internet is filled with tools claim the best and promise to provide all useful features free. Most of them are not user-friendly while some require a premium account. So, is there any tool that fits best for bloggers?

Yes, the only online tool that instantly checks plagiarism, grammar, spells, and word choice altogether. It does not only have the ability to search for copied writings but also finds similar work on papers published by other authors. Unlike other proofreading tools, it is totally free. In other words, you don’t need to worry about subscription, free trial, and characters limit.

The site does not require a user to create an account or log in. This tool aims to capture grammatical errors with a precision of up to 50%. PaperRater provides readability statistics, an analysis of style and choice of a word and an auto-grader. If you submit an evaluation paper, you can even enter the type of paper you write and the level of your education.

Many freelance bloggers, writers, and students rely on this grammar and proofreading tool. Paper Rater compares plagiarized text from approximately 10 billion stored documents on its servers.


  • Plagiarism detection.
  • Check the grammar and spell.
  • Provide real-time results.
  • Feedback with guidelines.
  • Ads free tool


  • Little feedback for free users
  • Not available for offline users

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