I know it is not a brand new topic for us and also not a new matter but i have some things to write about it.

So,Being a brown is not a imprecation, but is shows an exceptional personality which could stand out   from a mass of multitude and gives  a chance to show the talent. Its not actually a deep to think about this.


Do not let think yourself timid in front of any person. Do not let to loose your courage. Actually don’t think too much about this. This covers or tend to be collect the negativeness from all around your mind and led to depression.


let me explicitize you about this, people who  think this as a matter of bias are not a well thinkers. I have heared or saw many cases of trolling the brown faces on internet today. Recently a actor was trolled so much being of brown/black face. I want to ask them one question “WHY”? Is this a game of entertainment?

Actually these type of people can not think or imagine a world beyond this. They just know how to embrass someone or how to insult. The people who do this are not so much talented.

Avoid this as much as you can and if you start keeping your mind this side, then you will only detroit yourself not others. keep this in mind that this is your life. No one can change your goal here if you want. So, no one can rule your life. 


Personality is not thing that depends upon your mood . Control your emotion, avoid overthinking.

Brown face shines too much as equal to the other person.So, keep enhancing your personality.

Personality says too much about your nature, confidence and so much about you.


Give wings to your dream. Do not let anyone to ruin your life. 

Keep motivate yourself, read positive articles.  Listen to your inner voice only. 


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