BURN: To Make a Change

Sun rises at the end of the night.

When  night creeps in,

the minute passes like ages and everything fall silent.

The eternal Silence.


only the mind speaks loud,and;

the pounding of heart is audible,

knocking to your conscious self,

reminding you, “Hey, you are alive”.

The heart speaks something,

The mind responds something else,

baffling your present entity.

Torn between the feelings,

bewildered between heart and mind

and just when the negativities are waiting outside;

to enter,

at that point of time,visualise yourself:

living the life you dreamt of just in front of your eyes,

getting that job letter, or,

fulfilling your long suppressed wishes.

Pull out every possibilities from you and BURN.

Burn with the positive energy.

Burn from the pain of failed reciprocation.

Burn for taking yourself for granted.

Burn from every humiliation thrown at you.

Burn from your past mistakes.

Burn from the pain of hearing every time “you can’t do it”.

Burn from each and every small pain and desire.

Burn until you stop every unnecessary voice of your mind,

and make it listen to yours.

Burn to your ashes that you will rise like a Phoenix.

Burn and Suffer so deeply that when you live your dreams your contentment seems no bound and should be as deep as your suffering.

Burn to the extent that you when yourself moving away from every un-reciprocation.

Respecting and loving yourself enough to rise above the humiliation.

Learn from your mistakes and turn every CAN’T into CAN.

Prepare yourself and your energy in such a way that you attract your DREAMS and DESIRES.


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