Career Options for Musicians In India


#1 Youtube  

Youtube is the best online platform for all freelancers in India is also a best and a cheap method of promoting self-composed music or local music scene. There is a sudden growth in this particular field from past 7-8 years. An individual can easily make a youtube account and can post his/her music online for it to reach people. This is the easiest and the cheapest way of promoting music but it also has some pros and cons. An individual can post a good amount of content on youtube and can monetize his/her content to earn money with the help of advertisements that we see on youtube videos.

PROS; Youtube is very easy to use as well as a wide platform for all musicians, studios, students, professionals etc. to monetize their content and earn money.

CONS; though it’s easy to monetize your content on youtube but according to youtube guidelines and policies you cannot monetize your content unless you have 10,000 views on your tube channel and getting 10,000 views is again not an easy job.

Youtube being a wide and a vast platform is very competitive; as musicians and freelancers from all over the world are using this platform to promote their content.

Youtube with a lot of local as well as professional content differs between good quality and bad/average quality content which depends upon the quality of equipment used in making videos and audios, better the content quality better the pull of audience. So,

for artists not spending a lot on video/audio production gets response lately or less in comparison to better quality content available.

#2 Studio Session Musician

The studio is one of the best platforms for Guitarist, keyboard players, Piano players, Drummers and other musicians as they can easily play in studio recordings for various clients and earn a lot of money. Also, India due to the large amount of singers present, a trend of recording Bollywood songs and covering them is increasing which opens a lot more scope for musicians in India to earn by playing in recordings.T here are again some pros and cons in this field.

PROS; Being a full time as well as part-time musician in a studio gives an individual a lot of money which can be 3-5k for an average musician and can go up to 5-6k per song for a professional musician.

Cons; Due to a greater increase in the software produced music there is a massive decrease in the requirement of recording musicians in INDIA.

Studio Technicians And Engineers, in general, do not pay an adequate amount to session musicians in India and keep on declining the rates of musicians; being the actual business “STUDIO WALLAHS”.

Your pay depends upon your equipment and skills, i.e. to be a session musician you need to spend a lot of money and time to acquire equipment and skills respectively.

#3 Gigs

Gigging in India is one of the most popular carrier options for musicians in India. Musicians with a duo, trio, 4 piece or more members can perform in popular Cafes, Bars, Restaurants, College Fest’s etc. and can earn money. Any band can personally go show their work to hospitality places to get gigs. Hard Rock Cafe, Piano Man Jazz café, SOCIAL etc. are some of the most popular cafes in India for earning a good amount of money as well reputation as a band. Bands need to decide the cafes a well as the crowd they are performing to which should be congruent to music style a plays. It’s been seen not all bands in India to be successful in because of the of either the skills or wrong placing i.e. clash between the needs of the audience and your music.

PRO; Gigs helps independent artists as well as bands to make links with other musicians and collaborate with them in order to get popular and earn good money.

It acts a good reality check as well a motivator for musicians to either work upon their own skills or do more to earn money.

Cons; Earning money in India by gigging is not always an easy job because of the cafes not giving chances to new and un-established bands so one might have to gig free of cost to earn popularity to ultimately earning money.

A lot of times cafes and restaurants in do not pay an adequate amount to musicians or pay less than decided or delay the payment for 1 month or more.

Sometimes people in bars and all may get into the fight with the musicians because of either not playing good music or completing Audiences requests. #REALITY CHECK

#4 Teaching                          

Guitar teaching is very popular in India nowadays we can see a lot of musicians getting into music teaching professionally or either on a small level but earning a lot of money in full or part-time teaching. Musicians can complete their music education on a good level and can either open a good music school or can either teach music in schools or some of the well-established music colleges and schools in India such as TRUE SCHOOL OF MUSIC, SWARNABHOOMI ACADEMY OF MUSIC, and KM CONSERVATORY

Teaching is a very good carrier for musicians in India with the only con of not getting established as a good music school or music teacher which can be easily cracked by making links, Advertisement, social media ads. Etc.



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